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Tom Kha Gai

Aktualisiert: Feb 9

One of the most popular and well known Thai dishes is Tom Kha Gai. The tasty chicken soup with coconut milk is considered to be the Thai national dish. And here is the recipe:

Buy (for 2 people)

Chicken breast 200 g

Coconut milk 1 can (400 g)

Mushrooms 1 small can

Galanga 1 piece

Lime 1 piece

Lemon leaves 2 pieces

Thai Coriander 1 sprig

Spring onions 1 stem

big Chilis 1 piece

Thai Bouillon 1 table spoon

Fish sauce 1 tea spoon

Where to shop

Good shops in Zurich are New Asia Market (Feldstrasse 24, 8005 Zurich), Asia Store (Zürich Hauptbahnhof: Railcity-Sihlquai or Bahnhof Oerlikon: Gleis 6-Sektor C; no website) and Chiang Mai Thai Shop, (Zollstrasse 56, 8005 Zurich)


  1. Slice meat

  2. Slice Galanga

  3. Cut coriander and spring onions into short pieces

  4. Cut chilis diagonally in fine pieces

  5. Tear lemon leaves in four pieces


  1. Heat up ½ cup of water (do not boil!)

  2. Add ½ cup of coconut cream (i.e. the concentrated part from the top of the can)

  3. Bring to boil, then add galanga and bouillon

  4. Add meat and fish sauce

  5. Add the rest of the coconut milk and the mushrooms

  6. Boil up briefly, then add lemon leaves, chili, coriander, spring onions and the juice of the lime - FINISHED!

You can download this recipe as PDF file. What you get is a sheet which also shows pictures of the exotic ingredients. It's the kind of recipes we hand out in our cooking courses.